Devon & Cornwall Longwool Association


40th Anniversary Celebration

The Snell Family hosted the 40th Anniversary celebrations at their farm in Collumpton on 9th July 2017. This wonderful day was launched with Melvin conducting a service in a barn. He reminded us of how important our role as shepherds’ are and how our sheep are bonded to us.

Appropriately on the list of hymns we sung was ‘The Lords My Shepherd’, ‘While Shepherds Watched’, ‘Bringing in the Sheaves’ and ‘For the fruits of his creation’. Who knew that we had some marvellous voices within the association? Our singing ‘raised the roof’ of the barn and i’m sure the animals enjoyed such a wonderful harmony.

After the service we all gathered for a wonderful buffet and catch up with old and new friends.

Melvyn and David Darke told us all about the two flockbooks before they were amalgamated. It was fascinating to hear their account and see the memorabilia from those days.

Full of food and knowledge we were shown the shearling rams and then everyone piled into grain carts for a trip around the farm to see the animals. What fun we all had chatting, some banter and looking over the hedges into someone else’s field. That behaviour I’m sure is a habit of us all.
After our excursion we were treated to ice-cream back at the Snell Family homestead.

A truly wonderful day enjoyed by everyone.

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