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Showing your sheep

The Devon and Cornwall Longwool sheep breeders are a very friendly bunch, if you are intending on showing your sheep at local shows the secretary can put you in touch with a member in your area to guide and help you through the experience.

Showing a sheep starts at home with breeding, selection and preparation. The preparation should also include some halter training so that you can successfully show your sheep off to their potential. It helps the judge if the sheep are willing to walk and stand.

Devon and Cornwall Longwools are shown with their fleece on until after the last major show (normally Royal Cornwall Show).

Devon and Cornwall Longwools may be washed (suggested at least a week prior to the Show) prior to showing, they should then be kept clean and dry until Show day.

Most shows publish their schedules on their website, with the closing dates for entries and the entry fees. You must enter in time or your entry will be rejected.

Before you leave home for the show, you must complete a movement licence, the show will provide you with the same form for the home journey. Ensure that the ear tags are correct and match the movement licence.

You will need to take equipment with you – buckets for water and feed, feed and hay, white coats and Devon and Cornwall Longwool ties for you for showing and white halters for the sheep.

When you arrive at the show, find the steward responsible for your area and introduce yourself, they will be very helpful and full of information.

The judge will normally be in the ring waiting for you, keep your animal between you and the judges.

The judge will ask each exhibitor to line their animal up – all the sheep should face the same way.

The judge will walk up and down the line to have a look at all the sheep both from the front and the behind – make sure your sheep is standing good and square with a leg set in each corner.

The judge will then start the inspection of individual sheep beginning from one end of the line to the other. At all times keep your attention on your sheep – don’t gossip with other exhibitors or the spectators!

The judge will look at the sheep’s mouth, inspecting the teeth. They will inspect the eyes. They will look for a firm straight back, will feel the loins, back end and tail. The judge will inspect the testicles of a male sheep, and the teats and udder of a female sheep.

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